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Posted: 2012-05-30 18:36

Relevant background:

•religious influence growing up came from my mother. We were raised Lutheran and were active in the church
•when I was in my early teens my father became very active in Pentecostal churches
•I always believed in a god and tried to talk to him, I felt good about it
•I am here among you because I am seeking my place in this world

NDE chronological order

Pre NDE super-natural activity:

•I can remember several events when I was one years old
•when I was around 7 years old - canoe accident precognition
•around 12 years old - precognition of TV: dragster wheel & number of a game show
•around 19 years old I had a telepathic conversation

Around the time of the NDE - 19 or 20 years old

•I felt very Isolated and overwhelmed
•one night I wanted to make myself disappear
•I drank alcohol recklessly one night



Right after the NDE

•I was very sick
•I knew something unusual had happened
•I remembered the event in pieces
•I told my friends I heard voices, nothing more was said
•I told no one anything about it

After effects

•confusion - I was a different person
•I have no idea how to move forward with meaning
•I kept to myself
•the NDE happened within a year of my parents divorce
•they separated while I was still at home
•so there was added confusion
•I disassociated with all of my former friends, who weren’t the best type of friends
•also, they were my friends since childhood and there was embarrassment of my parents separation
•I had no fear of death
•over the years I went through periods of being lost and alone
•I sensed pressure of some future event I would have to take part in, an overwhelming and looming role I could never meet
•the first person I told was a girlfriend about 3 years after the NDE - this lasted less than 5 minutes then it wasn’t talked about again
•then about 4 years after the NDE I told my parents and step dad and it was never discussed again

Post NDE spiritual experiences:

Had a dream that a stock would double (about two years after the NDE)

•I put my savings into a stock
•then I had a dream that it would double
•I called and it was up about 50%
•I took bad advice from someone and sold
•within a couple days it did double
•I bought again at this doubled price
•then of course it then went back down to half

Felt what I thought was love (about 7 years after the NDE)

•I had gotten myself into an insurmountable financial trap
•after years I became depressed and angry with my concept of god
•it was hopeless and very dark
•I came to the point where I had to admit I needed his help
•lying in bed I sincerely asked this god for help
•I said that I needed him my life
•it felt like warm oil poured over my head and down my body
•for the first time in years my heart smiled
•this experienced caused in me a huge shift towards the spiritual realm, it transformed who I was as a person

Saw a hooded being (sleep paralysis) (negative; within a year of feeling this love)

•I was meditating in bed to fall asleep
•I saw a series of holograms to my left
•Then a small black-hooded being to my right, staring at me
•I became paralyzed/terrified, stopped breathing, then my chest began to be crushed
•I automatically thought, “That must be Jesus”
•it went away and I could breath again

Revived a drowned boy (within a year of seeing the hooded being)

•pulled the boy up, put him on the deck
•it was hopeless
•I ask God for help with the most sincerity imaginable
•I performed CPR
•sensed a translucent a beam from the sky
•the boy came alive again

Began to have psychic ability

•I had precognition of Flight 800 the day before
•I called the 800# after it happened, to let them know the details of what I had seen in the vision - the plane was shot down
•I was stunned, I stopped in my tracks while walking down the hallway
•after the Flight 800 vision, I began to try and exercise this ability
•1st - I meditated on Chandra Levy disappearance and perfectly described the terrain and surroundings she was found in, I called the 800# to let them know. Days later this vision was confirmed on tv
•2nd - I meditated on Jessica Lunsford disappearance and perfectly described the terrain, surroundings, as well as the type and model of vehicle. I called the 800# to let them know. Days later this vision was confirmed to me on tv
•3rd - I don’t remember her name, but there was a college girl that went missing. I meditated on the information that I saw on tv and came up with a vision of the type of vehicle, the two colors, and the wheels. I also described the type of guy. I called the 800#. Days later I saw on tv, I was correct on colors and wheels, but wrong about the vehicle type. I was also correct on the type of guy - transient
•this process of meditation seemed very taxing internally, it was an uncomfortable process
•it seemed draining
•it also seemed that, after spending hours meditating, and sometimes throughout a few days - if you were completely wrong, it would cause you to question everything you believed in, your very essence would be in question
•it felt very risky
•I never was convinced that my calls were a deciding factor, accept Jessica Lunsford seemed very strong
•I stopped doing it
•I had a premonition throughout the day that my friend could guess the card from a deck of cards that I was holding, and that I could do the same
•I told him about it, we tried it
•I guessed the card he was looking at, and he guessed the card I was looking at - multiple times
•the next time I saw him he didn’t want to do it anymore, and I realized why - it was uncomfortable - I felt as though if you failed you would lose something deep inside you, like something would be taken away
•plus countless other random, miscellaneous psychic ability, and precongnition, of little or no consequence.

Received a message to save a business from theft (about 5 years after reviving the boy)

•was walking down a hallway
•a vision came to me with a voice
•I knew exactly what to do
•it was very risky and nonsensical advice - it worked perfectly
•this had a profound effect on me, I was saved from financial destruction
•I was fully leveraged in this business

Sensed the presence of God (about a month after receiving the message about the business)

•was at home on the floor sorting through bills
•I briefly sensed a vision and felt the presence of what I believe to be God
•it was a column of light and life, from floor to ceiling
•it was filled with what looked like trillions of ‘tadpoles of light’ darting around
•the energy was of extreme excitement to be with me
•like when a dog goes absolutely bananas when you get home - that type of energy

Again sensed the presence of a god-like energy (about 4 years after sensing the presence of god the previous time)

•I was traumatized by risky involvement in a personal situation
•it was over an abused child I was trying to get help for
•it became so bad that I had dry heaves
•I was in the bathtub in the dark trying to find peace in a complete state of anxiety
•suddenly everything went calm, still, and silent
•I felt complete internal clarity, it was completely black in the bathroom
•I saw translucent stair case, going both up and down, and two platforms
•an energy came down to me, then I went up to it
•all of the uneasiness of the situation went away from that point on

Woke up a different person (about 10 years after sensing the presence of God the previous time)

•I was in a state of trauma due to an abusive relationship
•the next day was going to be painful
•as soon as I woke up I felt like I was a different person
•I called or texted my friends to tell them, "I'm a different person!"
•I had complete inner peace beyond explanation, people responded to me differently than usual
•this stayed this way the whole day
•I was completely disconnected from the circumstances

Received a 'Black Majik' curse (negative; about 1.5 years after waking up a different person)

•I allowed a group to have dominion over me
•my free will became an issue with them
•they went on the attack
•I was filled with terror
•I got in a car accident
•the group publically predicted that more bad things were going to happen to me unless I did as I was told
•this delivery immediately caused something to subtly shift inside me
•and I immediately had precognition of a future, bad, personal event
•I believe I could stop it since I knew
•but I could not, it happened
•this event has created great fear in me

A 'dead' young woman I used to know visited me while I slept (about 1 year after being cursed)

•she died suddenly about 2 years earlier
•everything in the dream was a code
•it took me the entire next day to figure out what it all meant
•everything aspect had meaning
•she was so far advanced than me
•she spoke to me with telepathy
•she had a message for her brother
•I gave him the message
•I was never again sad about her death

Religious involvement after the NDE

The message I received to save a business had a huge impact on me (12 years after NDE)

•this caused me to go to a Charismatic Pentecostal church where I felt a visceral energy
•I went twice a week for 10 years

I moved out of State and didn’t go to church for two years

•then I became hurt and depressed from the abusive personal relationship previously mentioned
•this caused me to become extremely active in an affiliated (to my former church) Charismatic Pentecostal church that just opened
•I experienced trauma there and stopped going

I began a deep quest to make sense of everything (immediately after receiving the 'curse' through the church)

•I realized that I’ve never reintegrated from this NDE, 28 years later
•Since the NDE I’ve not been committed to this life
•nothing here has seemed truly worthwhile
•I’ve since spent thousands of hours seeking knowledge and an improved perspective
•There is no authority without abuse/violence
•I now have no religious affiliation
•I no longer seek/practice mysticism
•I am the most free I’ve ever been in my life
•but I am perhaps the most afraid I’ve ever been, due to the newly perceived gross realities of this world, and the belief of unseen evil forces
•I am seeking relationships and growth in the area of NDE’s and spiritual experiences


Speaking engagements that I've done:

IANDS, Wooster, Ohio chapter
IANDS Columbus, Ohio chapter
IANDS Branford, CT. chapter
Columbia University, Mind Body Institute, Manhattan, NY.
IANDS annual conference, Orlando, FL.
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