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Posted: 2007-01-31 04:39

Time for Heaven

We will go over the landscape
Towards the setting sun, you and I
Cresting the hill of our lives, together, looking upon the vast shimmering ocean hand in hand
As long, and as wide, and deeper than this ocean, the yearning has finally ceased, thank god for that

The perfect arrival beyond all things hoped for has come, and overflowed, a spring of water within man's heart, warm and bright, and free

It is time to pass to the other side, you and I
It's been real but this is a destination, we were meant to be here, it is natural

So good bye to this life, good bye to this world, this scattered earth, on through the light in the sky beaming through clouds of sea foam

Eternity has called. And the answer is easy - Yes
So long - I will see you on the other side
You need to make it...

A Battle For Gold Only Strengthens What You Have

Never has a spring lasted as long as this one
My hair is long now
Blood drips from the tip of my wet hair and stings my eye
The blood slowly drains from the gash I cut across my forehead
with my sharp blade
This was done to acknowledge and signify that I am in a battle
Blood needs to be spilled
I am blood thirsty
I am eager to drain the blood of those who stand before me
This blood will find me and I will drain it
Is it my choice to taste blood in this way, no, but it is my decision

I'ts dark in this wooded area and the spirit is one of extreme
anticipation, and one of duty
If I fail I will die
My sword is polished and sharpened
My arms are lean yet have forty-two years of strength left in them
I've placed my heart in a blue velvet box that has a brilliant
gold silk liner

If I drop my sword it clangs to the dingy marble floor, which
is followed by an eerie silence
My mind searches for it by remembering the fire lit torches
on the otherwise dark stone walls
If I drop my sword and it does not find my hand, I will be slain
If I'm knocked to the ground and do not get up, I will die
If I'm knocked to the ground I cannot rest

I have found my sword...
I have found my feet...
I have found my shield...

All the lies that have been told are falling from the
air and settling into the soil
All the lies that have been told are being defeated by truths
The battle is being won

This was never a battle of gains, but one of defense
The enemy is becoming smaller
Strength is growing taller
I've got my vision back, which was completely lost in the
darkness of the woods
I'm being nourished, not from food or water, but by spirit

I'm going to survive
Good God I will rest
I will rest, and rest
This battle has lasted ten years
I will lay my sword beside my straw bed, where I will rest
And during this period of rest, it is my hope that my
treasure will be delivered to me...
The only treasure that I own, which is in a blue velvet box
that has a brilliant gold silk liner

I don't understand this need for battle, I really don't
I don't understand why I'm prompted to fight
A battle cannot be enjoyed by its very nature
For every enemy that is defeated, is replaced by a greater one

In the dawn of the moon, when the sky speaks a very loud
silence, every warrior gasping for breath knows that the
strength of a man is not determined by the intensity
of the battle...

But by the duration of the battle

Storm Passing

The fury and howl of the environment up here is beginning to die,
or at least rest
It's as though a force larger than the sky was expressing it's dominance
and potential for rage passed through our homes and lives to remind us of our vulnerabilities
Now that storm is gone, leaving without a statement or conclusion or reason
Barren valleys have been left behind where rolling hills of energy once lay
However, within those valleys seeds are being planted,
seeds of hope
Seeds of hope for the death of the destructive tendencies of nature
Seeds of hope for the arrival of new life, a new season
Seeds of hope for rays of sun that beam on all our faces and create a glow within
Seeds of hope that warms soft hair and makes the air smell like candy
Seeds of hope that allows all to become closer with things unseen,
seeds of hope that usher in the spirit of love
These are the seeds of hope that I'm thankful for

Food, Drink, Love and Song

Food, with food I eat to nourish my bones, it
causes my mind to think
I eat of warm company and sigh a breath of peace
I drink of sorrow, I drink to my good health, I drink
to my full home and the kind words that rest
in the air
My thirst is quenched and my spirit is at ease, I swallow
the nectar of passivity, the rest that tranquility
Warm glow, eyes so bright, the gifted heart of
stillness that sits in me so right
Families that hold hands are quiet together
People of warm glances and giving stares
Those that are bonded together by a blood that
cannot spill
Those who hold each other dear, considering the care
of one another
Love is the greatest gift that we all hold
On this day we will appreciate this fortune untold
Birds sing and swans glide, chimes of joy will
cause us to smile
Rejoicing and light of heart
This gift of love causes our souls to sing beauty that
will never let us part

Breathe Life Through Eyes

Eyes of life makes the sun
shine so bright
Eyes that meet allow those
eyes to breathe
Smiles of life drawn from
time honored dignity
Sky with life and a journey
which began before time
Passing secrets greater than
gold through the air
The time is now to harvest
such gifts
The time is now to reap
what has been given to me
Ascension through acceptance

Through Me, Please Allow Me To Arrive At You

You looked at me as I looked at you
I saw your pride, I witnessed your posture
I saw the smell of confusion on your face
You think you sized me up as a man
You've measured incorrectly
You came up short of a conclusion
I showed you only what you deserved to see
Stars require insight
Depth thirsts for quiet moments
Shallow minds may lead a stream that trickles,
a well of modest depth
Deeply entrenched minds with willing hearts
may direct rivers to the ocean, the ocean
to the sea, the sea to the sky
With the taste of new blood the heart must not
To rule from the sky and on the ground is
to be shown favor
With a heart that must achieve greatness to breathe
and a mind and body with the confidence
of a child, I find myself fickle
From the wayward sky to the sweet smell of
earth, the strongest arm is needed to guide
From the discomfort of my home
A quivering heart is in great need of the strongest
Through words scattered like oil on a canvas,
I am in need of your help
Please help me if you actually exist

Raise The Cup To Your Lips

To the woman I am to love
I write to you in forgiveness
To appreciation of you coming to provide me company
For that I thank you
I am alone
This is what you bring for me, it is a very good thing
So to water my garden and make the life to enjoy,
not simply to endure
This is what you are to me
To give me someone to love, which gives to me life and strength
I am loving you for all these things
And the increased faith and power of love to increase,
and increase
So, God's blessings are to take
and the good water of life we shall drink, and drink

I'm A Good Monkey

I'm a monkey, I like to swing in trees
I like to play, I like my toys
I play with my friends, some of them live in a box
Some people try to shoot arrows at me, they try to
hurt me, I get sad, that makes me not want to
swing anymore
I am a sweet monkey, I love my tree and most of
all I love my baby monkeys
I see other monkeys, they don't know how to swing -
watch, I'm gonna teach them
I like all monkeys that need me, I love helping monkeys
I am a special monkey, there's no other like me anywhere
The jungle sometimes gets stormy, I don't like that,
that causes me to hide
I've been through the storms before, and I know
that every time, its not long before I'm up in my
tree swinging again
I am a happy monkey and a very useful monkey, other
monkeys love me, they appreciate me, not all
monkeys appreciate me, but the good ones sure do

Thinking While Waiting for the Perfect Wave

The sting of the sun warms my eyes
Salt heals my wounds
I'm here to be eaten but I don't care
I don't care
Aqua is my life
Your heat warms me
Your cool splash cools me
My friend is near
My wet hair tastes of salt
Good god a shark could tear my flesh
The world won't swallow me first
I will breath
Flesh-tears mean nothing to me
The sun hurts my eyes
I see my brother
I will not die
I will not be pushed aside
I can see love through blue water
I see through perfect waves
I can see the sun
My mouth tastes pureness
My eyes squint
There are forty-two fish that know me
Their eyes see me with perfection
Why am I here
The blue is liquid
The heat is pure
The strength is that of your own
I will love you forever

Child Throb (immoral society)

Current marble heals their delicious baby
In a universe where champagne and porcelain dazzle blind circles
as if grass would blaze only blue in it's over celebrated sacrifice-less
naked squirm

Sleeping In Water (keep waking up in a cold puddle of sweat)

Water's falling
I'm falling
I wake up in water
I woke up dry
I woke up in the heat
My body cried out for ten years
My mind slept on my shoulder
My walk stumbled with isolation
My hair was wet
My clothes were wet
I wish the water was sweet
The water stung my chest and strangled my throat
Again, it happened again
I drift down the river when I sleep
Over the falls I wake
In my night I discover
When my darkest hour comes I don't have the tools to
care for myself
My thoughts wander
my mind races
It finds a small island to perch on to relax my heart
Make it stop pounding
The water has got to go
My hair has got to dry
My neck has got to cool
I need to rest
I'm going to drift off again
I'm going to float back
I wont return to that place tonight
Because I've already been there
The next thing I will see is hazy light
Another hazy day
Another lazy breakfast
Another quiet morning
Another chance to find my way
Just another hazy day

Neither of Us Are Small, I'm Just Larger (valley of darkness)

As I leave this place I kick the dust off
my heels
7 miles to walk and 7 days to live
As I saw my life what a dark empty place
As I walk my fears I face
Down the road I go, again
The dust kicks up then turns to night
I see the moon in the water, I see my life in
my hand
I'll leave here, I'll leave the people I've come to know
A house strewn with an undercurrent of underhandedness
A place that feels for his brother's pulse then dares
him to die
A place where the proud withhold their hand and
do not touch
The ground is hard, the soil is not fertile
Water is given to those who have already bloomed
I stand for hope, I stand for perseverance
At the back door I knocked but was not let in
My heart will be shined on
My eyes will witness fortunes revealed
Gloss, glitz, and glamour, this town isn't for me
An old man dies and a baby is born
A short life is not a curse
With new seed and virgin soil a tree
grows strong
This tree will rise above the others
A tree that commands water as pure as earth
From the smallest seed will the tallest tree grow
With my life in my arms I will move on
I will turn the page as yesterday escapes
from my heart
Moving forward to where I will command a presence
and respect will be granted
A giant among giants
Try as you might, you will never wrap your arms
around this tree

Broken Morning Perfume (heroin)

Concrete rhythm and caramel worry when sacred clouds bring free life,
with nothing more than a vacant price tag
Opened to the wake as poison warms the prisoners hand picked embrace
While the ferocious liquid allows peace to linger

A Man Away At War

Your hair drinks up the breath of angles
In your eyes I find myself
I see your love for me in the tilt of your head
Your glance freezes my heart and relaxes my soul
With you I'm wondering
I'm wondering what you see when you look at me
I don't question your love for me
I want you to come inside me so I can keep you
closest to me
I want to take of my life and give it to you
I offer my heart in full to only you as the
sweetest woman of mine
Your arms will grow in mine and your heart will
bond in me
In your eyes I see my breath
In your smile I love you till I die
As you are I would not change
As you look into me we become the same

You're An Angel

Confucius says: You're confused and you dont know what your doing
You're in an empty hallway with no doors in it, and the doors I think I see or want to see are locked
You're stuck in the mud and the mason's just keep stacking bricks on you
What the hell is the point; Who hates me?

I see you, I see you in that pit your in
I know you feel alone, I know you feel betrayed
I know you feel like your not going anywhere
I'm kneeling beside your pit, I'm reaching my hand down to you
I want you to be free, I want you to have peace, I want you to be dusted off

You are a gem, an angel that is being crushed
You will not be defeated, you will not fail, you will not be ruined, you will not be reduced
I see you, I know who you are
Your wings are beautiful, pure white, whiter and softer than cotton, and without a flaw
Their span is great, greater than you'll ever know
I see you, you feel like a maiden, a lowly servant, a slave

Then I see your wings, wings you don't even believe that could make you fly
But wings that are so great, Heavenly and beautiful, that they could wrap around many people
Wings that were given to you, wings you deserve
Wings that are so large you haven't even grown into them yet

You will find your way
You will become stronger day by day
I have total faith in you
I love your beautiful wings, they are totally pure and very strong, even if you can't see them, I can

I love you and I want the very best for you, every single moment, every single day
You are an angel

You Must Spiritually Awakening, Mr. Brown Bear

This is that moment when Mr. Brown Bear gingerly pokes his nose out from within darkness, piercing through the chilled but caked-on snow layer and icy crust, birthing his weakened body through this canal of the melting snow of Spring, which goes "drip...drip...drip", and into the bitterly harsh brightness of this new day.

Stammering forward until he becomes fully-under the needle-sharp glare of the sun, those shooting rays that sting eyes causing a needful squint, as a deep breath is taken for evermore of this cool, clean air, drawing the crispness into awakening lungs while pushing forth that thin dormant body of tangled muscles...forcefully unbending it with pain and relief into a reluctant stretch.

Then standing on those weary hind legs with arms that dangle to the sides...tilting that broad head back and raising that long snout ever higher towards this bright sky of blue, as the sun begins to be felt warm upon his thick matted pelt and deep down into those bones. Slowly smacking lips that water for some hearty substance with a vibrant taste...while slowly twitching nostrils that glisten scan this pure air as his knotted stomach deep within begins to growl for the fist time since early winter.

It is time to wake up, Mr. Brown Bear, it is time to wake up...

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